What I Love


Pursuing my passion

Born in Wausau, WI and graduated from D.C. Everest High School. I spent a total of 13 years in the military with portions in both the Wisconsin National Guard and U.S. Army. I sought my undergraduate degree at UW-Eau Claire in biology and chemistry, later attending UW-La Crosse for a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. I have been a PA for over 10 years and currently work in Family Practice with Aspirus. I was an average athlete in high school, certified lifeguard and commuted by bike in high school and college. Other than required military training, I didn’t do much in the way of organized sport or regular physical activity. I loved taking backpacking trips, in groups and solo, getting away from it all and having to face my inner self, my feelings and my thoughts until there was nothing left to think about, then being able to enjoy both the silence and the noise of nature.

When my first child reached school age, I fell into the rut of working mom and neglected myself.  After a 10 year hiatus, I began to immerse myself into outdoor sports and other types of physical activity as a way to achieve better physical and emotional health. Dipping my toes in the water, quite literally, with participation in the YMCA Sprint Triathlon in 2012, I really submerged myself by 2016. On a path to continually challenge myself, I have since completed in 5 & 10K road and trail running races, Ragnar Trail Northwoods, Grandma's Marathon, traditional on and off-road triathlons from short/sprint to Olympic distances, adventure races and mountain bike races. I am currently training for Wisconsin Ironman in 2020.

Introduced to mountain biking in 2016 for participation in the Wolfman Triathlon, my first off-road triathlon, I realized there was a need for more mountain bike mentoring/coaching in central Wisconsin, especially for women. I joined forces with CWOCC (Central Wisconsin Off-road Cycling Coalition) to organize Wausau's first Women's Mountain Bike clinic in 2017. Momentum continued when I was elected to the CWOCC Board of Directors and have continued to lead an annual Women's Mountain Bike Weekend event, as well as assist with the CWOCC Youth Program and have volunteered as a coach for Wausau United, a team within the Wisconsin Cycling League of NICA (Junior and High School mountain bike team). I continued my pursuits in mountain bike education by becoming a certified BICP Mountain Bike Coach and creating Tuley Trails LLC, an outdoor sports coaching and guide service focusing primarily on cycling, but also hiking/backpacking and paddling. First lesson: How many bikes is enough? N+1.

In 2018, I began organizing Wausau's first Winter Triathlon that was to be held in January 2019, but due to rare weather conditions, the race had to be cancelled. The 2020 Winter Triathlon was a great success!


Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle is so important to one's health.  This is my son and one of the reasons I chose the path I am on. My goal is to educate, promote a healthy lifestyle and help others lust after the outdoors. I find joy in educating and motivating others. This is why I continue to educate myself. Passion for adventure and sharing this love is my driving force.

I started with short hikes and running in my neighborhood. 

Then I began mountain biking and kayaking. Putting it all together in  triathlons and adventure races became the next challenge.

Let's find what motivates you!



Tuley Trails is not about the actual trail, it's about the journey. Every single individual has a journey, and they are all different yet all the same. Life is not about the day-to-day to-do lists, it's about the relationships we build in our lives, with friends, loved ones, and strangers we just met today while holding a door for them. It's about realizing every life is special and meeting people where they are at.

I use mountain biking, backpacking and paddling as a form of therapy. Most new to any of these sports will discover new fears and new accomplishments. It’s more about discovering yourself.

Let me help you discover what you are capable of!